I’m Meredith Byrd

Writer – Editor – Teacher

I am the person who pulls out a book in a long line. Who can’t stop reading while brushing my teeth, or even walking sometimes! I’ve been this way my whole life, so my philosophy is: do more of what you love and help create more books to read.  

I started by getting a bachelor’s, and then a master’s degree, in English Literature from George Mason University. Then, I continued to gain experience and knowledge working as a copy editor and freelance editor. In addition, I have taught writing at the high school and college level for the past ten years while writing my own stories. You can check out my alter ego, Evelyn Isaacks, and learn more about my writing career, especially if you’re a fan of contemporary and historical romance.

I believe that your writing should communicate your message. That changes based on your genre, audience and style but my job is to help you hone your voice and correct errors in service of your work. I collaborate with you to find the best fixes for your story and your writing. 

In addition to standard editing and proofreading I specialize in developmental editing, which includes helping resolve issues in story structure, and character development as well as finding solutions to plot holes. I’m accepting manuscripts in romance (historical, contemporary, erotica of all kinds), historical fiction and general fiction. I am also able to copy edit or proofread non-fiction, academic, and technical work.