Descriptions / Prices

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Story Sessions
Customizable hour sessions to focus on a variety of story craft needs. Useful for brainstorming, plot hole repair or even just some motivation to meet your goals!

Draft Development

Helping authors plot, outline, and draft their stories.

Beta Reading
Reading a first or second draft to give feedback on character development, plot, story structure, dialogue, and general clarity. Some proofreading included, though this is not the focus.

Developmental Editing
A combination of beta reading and outlining, my developmental editing services offer brainstorming and outlining assistance during the pre-writing process, beta reading and feedback during the process, as well as some line, copy editing and proofreading, though these are not the focus of the service. I work with writers during the entire drafting phase to finish the novel. Price is a package based on the level of work discussed between the client and me.
Please inquire about a package that would best serve you!

Working with an author to structure an outline and plot a story. Strengthening character development through conflict, and resolving plot holes or problems.

“Re-Visioning” a Draft

Checking for accuracy and consistency in story details, or within the story structure. Proofreading for errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and language.

Basic Proofreading
This includes checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation issues, formatting corrections, and typos or errors. It does not focus on story structure or consistency of story details. $3/pg

Line Editing
Stylistic and language revision, sentence by sentence to polish the prose. Proofreading and editing are included, but not the primary focus.


Heavy Copyediting
Checking for accuracy, as well as story structure consistency and problems. Includes basic proofreading.

Accepting the Following:

historical and contemporary romance, and erotica (all are welcome!), fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, short stories, general non-fiction, and academic writing.

Important Information

Sample Edits:

Before services are rendered a sample selection of work is offered to ensure customer satisfaction and compatibility.

Standard Formatting Requirements

For price per page contracts all manuscripts must be: 

  • Times New Roman or Arial
  • 12 pt font
  • double-spaced
  • with 1-inch margins